RYU BIHO - ‘Letter from the Netherworld’ at #KünstlerhausBethanien in Berlin (Jan 2018)


In his filmic works Ryu Biho explores human emotions such as mourning, suffering, despair and empathy, evolving from personal and political conflicts or ideological confrontations.For Ryu, the starting point for Letter from the Netherworld – the title refers to the ancient myth of Orpheus’ ultimately tragic journey into the netherworld – was the image of a contemporary tragedy that pervaded the media world-wide in autumn 2015: a small boy from Syria, drowned while escaping across the sea and found dead on a holiday beach in southern Turkey. For the artist, the image is a symbol of our contemporary tragic reality.
In the exhibition space Ryu has engaged with this situation within the framework of an immersive spatial installation in the form of various stagings (“mises en-scène”), approaching the events from the periphery. In a presentation consisting of photos, video projections and a meditative sound work,
 with a total of five works, offers visitors the same number of “emotional spaces”, into which they can immerse themselves individually and pause for thought.

Short screening night "Good Friends" (Nov 2017)

Sound and Video Performance with Yedam


Documentary, fiction, artsy, weird – we want it all!

We were calling for video artists to present their short films.
On 24th November 19:00 we're inviting to the screening of selected movies. All candidates were so different, but who knows, maybe some of them will become #GOODFRIENDS

The main goal of this screening is not only to present talented (both professional or amateur) video artists, but also create a platform for future collaborations. 

So let‘s meet @Kunspunkt, enjoy short movies and share ideas after it!

This event will take a place as a part of the exhibition Good Friends organized by Keum Art Projects and Institut für Alles Mögliche (Pressestelle). 

Alby Alamo
Magali Benvenuti / Leïla Bergougnoux
Tim Best
Marc Anton Gnädiger
Jeewi Lee
Mónica Martins Nunes
Yedam Ann / Eno
Clemens Schöll / Maria Francisca de Abreu-Afonso
Ynin Shillo

Sun Sphere Reigns - Vernissage (Oct 2017)

The exhbition is discover diverse talents of street artists, showing the multitude of styles and techniques, along with selected video and installation artists.

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ANOMALIE is pleased to announce SUN SPHERE REIGNS  

OCTOBER 14th, 7 PM
ANOMALIE | Storkower Straße 123

We will provide you the opportunity to encounter a whole range of exciting artists investigating the complexity of energies and transitions. Various approaches of the artists from performance art to site-specific works will take you on an inner voyage.  

The exhibition will open on Saturday, October 14, 2017 at 7 PM and remain on view through October 28.

Don’t miss the finissage planned for
>>>> Saturday, October 27 <<<<
----> https://www.facebook.com/events/1958522764414997/

::: ARTS:::

[ Yedam Ann ]
[ Harald Günter KAINER ]
[ Chulgyun Lee Yoo ]
[ Eno ]
[ Sarvo ]
[ Erik Gebbert ]
[ Sven Alfred Strecker ]
Radial (MORD)
Octave Live (Silent Steps)
Lag (Mord, THEM)
Casual Treatment (Sonntag Morgen, Decoy, Nachtstrom Schallplatten)
Uun Live (Dynamic Reflection, Ego Death)
Cressida (Voitax, LDNwht)
Mistral (Anomalie)

DIALOG:different vocabulary (Sep 2017)

In collaboration with a video artist, a drawing artist and a sound maker, the project ‘Diaolg’ shows vocabularies of individuals. The beings meet another beings, argue, and communicate each other. The movement and the sound present the senses of dialogue and transition between disconnection and relationship

Sound Maker Eno

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