[Bi-um] Process video of painting

Live Performance

There is a glass just half filled with water. You can say that it is half full or half empty. Then how would you look at this series of movement? Which one is full or empty, what could you reason with?

Eno – Sound Maker
Sarvo – Painter
Chulgyun Lee Yoo – Painter
Special Guest – Dong Jun Lee 

Triangle is just triangle (Performance Exhibition) in Berlin

Sound & Video-Installation von  Eno Hana Yoo 

"We often judge people by appearance and pretend to understand the crisis of world by media. 
Is it right we believe what we see? Or do we see what we believe? Does everything need to be interpreted? 
Maybe triangle is just triangle!
“Triangle is just triangle” is a live video and music performance with interactive installation.

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Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany
Sound - Der Dritte Klang in Berlin (Oct 2019) / Sound - island of is and yours in Berlin (July 2019) / Sound - RYU BIHO - ‘Letter from the Netherworld’ in Berlin (Jan 2018) / Sound - Short screening night "Good Friends" in Berlin (Nov 2017) /Sound - Sun Sphere Reigns - Vernissage Hosted by Anomalie Art Club in Berlin (Oct 2017) / Sound-Dialog:different vocabulary in Berlin (Sep 2017) / Sound - " Bi-um" in Berlin (Mar 2017) / Sound - The Corner Room Gallery Exhibition in Berlin (Jan 2017) / Sound - "Triangle" in Berlin (Dec 2016) / Sound - "Fantomoj" at UDK in Berlin (Oct 2016) / Sound - Heineken #Capture The City (Jul 2015) / Music - Motorbike Midwife in London (Sep 2013) / Sound - 2012 Absolut ELYX Launch Promo, Seoul (Jun 2012) / Sound - Honda Intersection CR-Z in Paris (Sep 2011) / Sound - Attic Fantastic, Collaboration with Eley Kishimoto, London (Sep 2011) / Sound - Battersea, A Short Film, London (July 2011) / Music - Jas M.B. AW 2011 , London (Apr 2011) / Music - Dr. Brown from FIASCO Magazine, London (Mar 2011) / Sound - Eley Kishimoto Promotion, London (Oct 2010) / Sound Director - MTV Network (2005_2009)